Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Prep

It's the first of December and we have a tree up. I'd don't think I've ever had a tree up this early. But I wanted to get it up to put Michael's Advent books under it to give them more context since dates and calendars are still beyond him.

We went and cut down our tree yesterday. It was nearly sunset. They sent us to the field right next to the house, which was a little disappointing, but was also good because I wasn't sure how we were going to ride on the trailer to the field.

Who will be the lucky tree?

This tidy 7 foot-er will do. 

Yesterday night I set about preparing the Advent books. We decided that we will buy him one new book every year (so theoretically he will be getting a new book every year until he's 25). I went to the book store earlier in the day (actually a couple of them) to look for the perfect book. I chose Snowmen At Night since it's very cute, the pictures are wonderful and Michael seems to like snowmen a lot. I wrote a little note in it for Michael. I plan on it being the book he opens on Christmas day.

Then I gathered the other books. I do not have a spectacular collection to show off, but eventually we'll get there. Between the new book, books Michael already had, my childhood books, my husband's childhood books, and some PSR books from an aunt, we just barely scrapped together 25 books.

This book was from my 2nd grade teacher. She wrote a little inscription in it to me. It's definitely one of my favorite books because of that. 

Other books I've been holding on to.

Books from DH's childhood. Some of these are really old.

"Reason for the season" books.

Michael's favorite book. He got this one last year for Christmas and LOVES it. I've probably read it to him 200 times already, but I'm sure he'll still be excited when he pulls the wrapping paper off. 

Some other books we had. The Snowtime Tales book is beautiful, but it has three stories in it, so that will take awhile to read when we get to it. And I've got 'The Night Before Christmas' set to unwrap on the night before Christmas. 

Some board books. I have a feeling that Dora book will be a hit. 

It took a long time to decide on the order and and wrap all those books. And I'm going to do this every year? Oy, what have I gotten myself into?

Tonight we decorated the tree. Michael played with ornaments while DH and I worked. Michael tried to shake the tree and was rough with the ornaments a couple of times which required trips to the naughty chair. I know we were being harsh on him, but we want it to be very clear that the Christmas tree is not to be played with. If he wants to see an ornament he has to ask us to give it to him. I think a little more work upfront to enforce the rules will make for a happier experience for everyone.

Ambrosia guarding the tree.

Some favorite ornaments.

See Mom, I'm just touching the tree. I'm not doing anything naughty. 

Then we opened the first Advent book, the carefully selected The Perfect Tree, a simple board book about a family selecting and decorating a tree.

Wrapped and numbered. 

Excellent practice for opening Christmas presents.

And here are some pics of Bliss, just because I thought they were funny.

Evil Bliss.

Innocent Bliss.


Michelle said...

We're getting out tree tomorrow. It's so much more fun when they understand and are excited about it. He looks really happy with it!
The snowman book is one of Kristopher's favorites. Another one that was one of mine when I was younger that he loves to read at christmas time is The Animals Christmas Eve. It's an old golden book, and kinda rhyming, and it was full of animals so he's loved it since around Michael's age.
And I just have to add, I love the book idea. :)

Jessica White said...

You've got some great books there! I just told another blogger, who's doing the same thing, that I need to do a post to compare books.

Sophie said...

I see that pic of you from 1989, is it? Michael looks so much like you :).

I saw this tutorial and thought of you, thought you might be interested :):

Jessica White said...

PS I just gave you an "award" on my blog