Monday, December 26, 2011

Knuffle Bunny!

I was really looking forward to Christmas this year. First, we got to be at our home this year (yay!) and second, Michael is at that magical, wonderful age where he's pretty awesome and I figured that he wouldn't disappoint. And he did not.

We left "Santa's" gifts unwrapped under the tree. After Michael got up and went potty (!) he came into the living room and saw them and his face lit up! He literally squealed when he saw what was under the tree. His delight might be my favorite parenting moment so far.

It is better to give. Particularly if you are giving a truck to a little boy that loves trucks. 

I was also really looking forward to Christmas morning because I made him his very own Knuffle Bunny and I was hoping that he would love it (that kind of thing makes me happy). The Knuffle Bunny books (here, here, and here) are fantastic. If you've got a little one, I highly recommend checking them out (and anything else from Mo Willems)and if you are only TTC, I recommend putting them on your list of things to get when you finally bring baby home someday. And if you don't feel like sewing a Knuffle Bunny, you can buy one too (but where's the fun in that?).

I love Knuffle Bunny's eyes. It looks like he's seen something he can't unsee. Perhaps it was me pulling his head out through his ass? His nose is a little rumpled and one of his legs is a tad long, but otherwise, I'm pretty happy. 

Showing off the backside. Much better than the bunny I made in home-ec in 8th grade. 

I felt like a procrastinator as I finished stitching up his backside on Christmas Eve, but I put A LOT of time into that rabbit. I have half a dozen practice bunny heads and a full practice rabbit littering my sewing table. After numerous fails, I gave up making my own pattern and after much searching I found this pattern online and adapted it to look more like Knuffle Bunny. I interpret Knuffle Bunny a little differently than the manufactured one, FYI (and I think more accurately). He turned out rather large, so I'd recommend if you try this pattern, shrinking it to 75% or even 50%. I sewed it out of "microplush" (it's plush on both sides and a lot of blankets are made out of this stuff these days) which makes him very soft, but microplush is the devil to work with. I recommend either getting some practice in with this material, or find a better material to work with. He didn't turn out perfect, but I'm still proud of him and Michael loved it.

Hugging his bunny.

All worth it.


Kate said...

Cute bunny! M looks thrilled with his stuff!

Michelle said...

I love when they get so excited about it. It's what makes it so magical. You do an awesome job with the sewing projects! I'm jealous.
And the big bunny eyes have got to be for that reason. So funny. Glad you had a good Christmas!

Sophie said...

That is so sweet. What a wonderful gift!

Habbie tot said...

Aww, Michael looks so happy snuggling his bunny! There's nothing better than a new soft toy, especially when it's home-made

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love the bunny. Michael is looking so grown up! What a cute kid!