Monday, January 30, 2012

Baa! Quack! Moo!

Michael is Two!

Michael turned two today. I'd make a remark about how the time flies, but it's been a long weekend and the only thing that's flown by lately are the nights.

When we sent out the invitations the other month we put a picture on the front and wrote "Baa! Quack! Moo! Look Who's Turning Two!" on the back of them. People may have thought that the theme was farm animals or something like that, but it was actually KISS... as in Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Picture taken in front yard, printed at home and glued to cardstock to make an invitation. Simple, cheap, cute.  

In keeping with the theme, we kept it simple because even simple is a lot of work. Mostly cleaning... cleaning, organizing, more cleaning, stuffing, shoving, cleaning.

Decorations were 2 simple banners made from a piece of ribbon and punch out letters from Dollar Tree and balloons from the Dollar Tree. Total cost ~$10. I know, big spender, but my baby's worth it!

Ambrosia and Bliss playing with the balloon strings the next day. By the way, these balloons were money well spent, the kids loved playing with them, very cheap entertainment. 

The cake was from Wal-Mart. I had a little bit of moral dilemma about this. I felt bad not ordering it from a local baker, but someone local still works in the Wal-Mart bakery and made that cake fresh for us and I don't feel bad when I consider that I am hopefully keeping them employed. Plus it was really good, really. And it was cheap enough and very easy. KISS.

Michael loved his cake. He successfully blew out his candles and promptly stole a bit of icing off the cake with his fingers.

We served tacos. Luckily most of that was made well ahead of time, so that was easy. My husband and I definitely like keeping the food easy at these events. Last year it was chili. We think next year will be takeout pizza. Then we'll probably start the rotation over again. No need to reinvent the wheel here.

Michael cleaned up on the presents. I was really thrilled with the gifts he got. Definitely a good variety of things he will be able to play with for awhile. 

From the next day... I made him a little corduroy barn filled with a bunch of animals. He's stuffing them into a little school bus he got. 

Taking the Strider around the living room. I think it's probably a good thing he got it now so that he can practice with it around the house before we go outdoors and increase the challenge level. Probably need to up the seat a little. 

It turned out to be a very good party. The food was good. All the kids and adults had a good time and we all had a good time visiting each other. Michael was very tired by the end of the day, but he loved it. 

This is him this morning... last minutes as a one year old. My baby is a big boy now. 

ps- And I sure am glad that we didn't plan too much for the party because on Friday night I went to take my car out to borrow some chairs from one of neighbors and the damn thing wouldn't start. We had to have it hauled to the dealer's the morning of the party (Michael loved seeing the tow truck). Somehow the engine got flooded (with gas) but since there was no code and they couldn't determine what was wrong with it we got stuck with the bill (even though it's still under warranty). We are thinking it's got a bad fuel injector, so we're just waiting for it to happen again and hopefully it will actually get fixed next time and it will be before the warranty expires. 


White Picket Fences said...

Happy Birthday, Michael! What a cutie. Love the barn. Before I read that you made it, I was thinking, "Oooh ..wonder where they got that!". Between those and your potty training pants, I'm very jealous of the sewing skills. You need an etsy shop!

~Jess said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like a wonderful day....that cake is awesome!

Sophie said...

Happy Birthday, Michael :)!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Michael! I love the barn! Awesome job. :)
That sucks about the car. Hopefully if it goes out again, they see the issue and it's covered.

reginag said...
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Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Michael! I love the party theme. Will you show us more photos of the barn?