Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Do you use Enfamil?

**Updated - The coupons have found a home.

There were some great Enfamil coupons the other day on and I printed them because I thought my SIL was using it on my niece. Turns out she switched to something else. So I have $60 worth of Enfamil coupons printed and no one to give them to (4-$10 off per 22oz tub and 4-$5 off per 22oz tub, they all expire 2/9 so they need to be used quickly).

So, if you are needing some help with your formula costs and could use these, please email me at and I'll mail them to you. First come first serve.

I believe that has reset the coupon, so if you need this hurry and print while you can (you can usually print each coupon twice per IP address, FYI). These will go quick.

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Jessica White said...

If you see that coupon again or anything for enfamil let me know :-)