Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well, at least that explains that

I've been sitting over here mulling posts... writing and discarding posts. Dragging my feet. But on top of my blogger's block I've been really dizzy/light headed for the last 2 days. It didn't concern me terribly at first. I'd worked out for the first time in a long time the day before and I thought my body was just reminding me how neglectful I've been for the last year.

But it continues today and it's bad. I wouldn't get behind the wheel like this. It's starting to concern me.

Then I was snippy with Michael again, for like the third time today. Which reminds me that I was super frustrated with him yesterday too.

Then it finally hits me. I haven't been taking my fucking zoloft.

Not on purpose or anything. I restocked my handy pill dispenser the other day and forgot my zoloft, apparently.

As soon as I realized this I ran over and swallowed one. Didn't even bother to get some water to wash it down with.

I know I get dizzy when I miss pills, but I was doing a great job of taking all my pills lately so I dismissed that as being part of the problem. I just didn't realize that my zoloft wasn't in the dispenser. Oy.

At least that explains that.

The dizzies are getting a little better already but I'm definitely taking a nap this afternoon.

Content another day.

Withdrawal sucks.


Jessica White said...

Glad you figured it out! I hate feeling "off".

Celia said...

I have a terrible memory and would set an alarm to remind me to take my pills. It is 2 30 and I am JUST NOW eating lunch, so it stands to reason that you could forget. I am glad it was an easy solution.

Amanda said...

2 doses and about 5 hours and I feel like I'm on the wagon again. (In lala land where I live, taking drugs is on the wagon.)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you figured it out! I know I feel like shit if I forget a couple doses or if I try to change dose without slow tapering.