Monday, January 16, 2012

What's going on?

There's a lot going on here and I'm not going to try to pull a fancy, cohesive post out right now, so bullets it is!

- We are getting ready for Michael's 2nd birthday party. The invites have been sent and we are waiting to hear who all is coming. We sent them out to the same people as last year, but fewer will attend (understandably). I'm really hoping that the crowd is small enough that we don't have to use the garage. Cleaning out the garage in winter is a pain.

- People are asking what to get him for his birthday and I don't have a clue. Clothes? Books? We just had Christmas, so I feel like the kid is pretty fully stocked on new things to play with. And the grandparents are asking and I think they'd like to get him a bigger gift and I really don't know what to say for that. Ideas?

- Potty training is hit or miss a lot of the time. He started initiating his own trips to the potty yesterday, just hours after my extremely discouraged husband tried to convince me that he wasn't "getting it". He is getting it. It's a learning process and accidents happen. Have a little faith in the kid. Maybe it's us, not him. My husband frustrates me sometimes.

- I'm very reluctant to talk about it for some irrational fear of jinxing myself, but we would like to start TTC again in about a year... which is seeming too damn close. The time frame has me a little on edge because I have to lose weight before I get pregnant again. HAVE TO. I cannot go through another pregnancy starting out this fat. I will be miserable and it will be unhealthy for the both of us. So I'm trying to get my calories under control and spend time working out. I'm glad I'm doing it but I wonder if I finally start feeling skinny and fit, will I really want to be prego again? I had just lost a bunch of weight last time and it kinda sucks that I didn't really get to enjoy my new body any, I just grew a big old pregnancy belly (and then some). I really just want to be fit and healthy for awhile and worry about maintaining it instead of watching all my progress give way to the baby. Selfish? I don't know... we'll see when I get there.

I'm just proud of myself for posting anything at this point.


Anonymous said...

Does he have a train set or a train table? We got Birdie a Brio set and she loves it. We got the one with the passenger trains with little people she likes to put in and take out of the cars.

Or a play kitchen? That was Birdie's big Christmas gift, and it is awesome. That's nice that the grandparents want to get him a bigger gift. Let them! My in laws think Birdie is "spoiled", so they spent about $50 combined on Christmas and birthday gifts for her. My mom (who has far less disposable income than them) bought the pottery barn kids play sink to go along with the stove we got her. I don't want to seem ungrateful, but it just seems weird. They have never really shopped for anything for her. Who doesn't like buying for kids? Weird. They would regularly spend $500 to $1000 on DH's birthday and Christmas gifts in the past, so they are usually very generous, just not with my baby. I thought maybe they would contribute to her college fund or something, but no.

Other items on MY wish list for Birdie: more duplos, a nice set of plain wooden unit blocks, some play silks (I hope to get some and dye them soon), any playmobil stuff (she loved playing with her cousins dollhouse). You can never have too many matchbox cars, or puzzles or books.

How are you approaching the potty training? I feel bad because we haven't done much with Birdie. Back in October she went pee on the potty one time randomly before bath and was so excited, but that was the only time. She likes to sit on the potty, and we read the book "Potty" by Leslie Patricelli, and she LOVES it. We got some underwear, but she isn't interested in wearing them. I am kind of waiting until she shows more interest, because I don't want to push it until she is ready.

That's exciting about thinking about #2. I totally get what you mean about losing weight though. It is not selfish. I wish I had lost more weight before this pregnancy (but obviously it was a surprise). I started out about 7 pounds below my starting weight with Birdie's pregnancy, which isn't much, and I hope to keep the pg gain to a reasonable amount like last time (which I am guessing will only happen if I can stay on the metformin the whole time).

Amanda said...

The potty training is it's own post and it's coming soon... I feel like it changes too much from day to day right now and that makes it hard to blog about.

Michael got a little train for Christmas (from us) and he likes it. I'm "anti" Thomas and any other toy that has an "collect 'em all" consumerism behind it. I'm kinda sick of toys taking over my living room, so I'm hesitant to ask for a play kitchen or something else big like that.

And I'd be a little put out by the spending patterns my ILs if they did that too.

Michelle said...

I feel the same way about the losing weight thing. But I already told you what my new mindset is, so the weight loss attempt is back on, and in the full idea of making me healthier and happier. I was a lot happier when I was a normal size. So this time, the diet thing is for my own benefit. Not for TTC. Maybe that's why the study diet failed so horribly. I just wasn't into that...

As for gifts....
I like the train table idea. We have a step 2 table. K used it for years with trains, and cars as well. But, it also has a lid and can be used for drawing, playing games on top, etc.
K got a tool bench for the christmas that he was 2, and he loved that thing. The kids I watch are big into the train table and play kitchen right now. Also big lego's, and K's old race car garage thing.
Hard to believe he's turning 2 already! Time goes so fast. I think 2 is my favorite age though.

Patricia said...

Well, it's not a big idea, but I got the idea for my friend to do a keepsake quilt. I think I heard that he's getting a big boy bed? Maybe one big gift that you could have everyone pitch in on is a quilt. Everyone designs a quilt block for him and then put them together. I'll help if you need it. :D Otherwise, I'm out of ideas... except maybe gift cards to use on new things throughout the year? Or a bigger pool for the summer?

Rachel said...

I can't wait to hear all about the big party. The thing about Christmas/birthday presents (and ours come within 2 weeks of each other) is to try and anticipate toys which will be good for the full next year, and if you feel overwhelmed stash 90% of them away immediately after the party to be rationed out over the months. Here's what the fusspot enjoyed at age 2:

- brio train set
- a tea set and a tiny (think 8 inches by 6 inches) play stovetop which we can easily pack away
- art supplies: tempera paint, toddler scizors, foam paint, flat mirrors for art projects, liquid watercolors, rolls of butcher paper (always good because you know they'll be used up by the next year), almost anything from Discount School Supply - water beads, watercolor paper, squirt bottles)
- baskets for sorting
- puppets (hand puppets, she has no interest in finger puppets)
- alphabet flashcards (we hang them out on the wall and are still working through them. Gorgeous ones can be found on Etsy)
- musical instruments (her BIG 2nd birthday present was the Schonehut toy piano but she also loves her xylophone, maraccas, bells, etc.)
- dress-up clothes (hats, scarves from goodwill plus a few lovingly made items)

Ok, now my child sounds like the most spoiled child ever ... oh well, you probably already guessed that.

Celia said...

Peter, while not allowed to watch Sesame Street is obsessed with the "guys" anyway. He has about ten of the mini figures and they are his favorite toys. He also has the school bus, garbage truck, fire truck and my sister is getting him the street thing. I would prefer he played with non-branded toys but I have REALLY lost that one. Peter has this totally badass metal John Deere tractor that Michael would probably love. It is ENORMOUS. Also, you can buy a beautiful working cement mixer on amazon. I forget the company but it is incredible.
We are going to get that for him next Christmas when he is a bit older. But Michael seems better behaved? More communicative? Something. He might be ready for it. We are still on the fence about getting a train table.

Amanda said...

Alright, got it! Grandma and Grandpa are giving him a Strider Bike. He's gonna flip. Our nephew has one and loves it but won't share with Michael and poor Michael wants to play with that thing so badly.

Margaret said...

I'm proud of you for posting this!! I changed my diet and started excersizing back in October in hopes to be prepared for having a baby. I'm not at my target weight yet but after all this work I don't want to go and give it all up just yet. I wish you luck and enjoy the journey!!