Monday, February 27, 2012

On my shoulders

I've been really busy lately and not been good about blogging or commenting or returning email. Sorry. Everything has been going really well over here lately. I don't normally set new year's resolutions, but this year I did have a goal to try to be healthier. Exercise more. Loose weight. Eat better.

Part of my goal was just to hopefully get me to shed some pounds because I do not want to weigh this much if I get pregnant again. But also, I have realized that the health of my family is pretty much entirely on my shoulders and so it's really up to me to make the right choices if I want my family to be healthy.

I kinda realized this when Michael turned a year old. Michael was always a very big baby but he was breastfed and I really felt that he could decide how much he needed. But after he was a year and primarily on solids I realized that it was now our responsibility to make good choices about what we put on his plate (he still decides how much to eat).

These days I get so disheartened by all the fat kids that I see. That may sound harsh, but really, have you looked at kids lately... they're all fat. Ok, not all of them, but when I was a kid, I was the fat kid. Now days I think I'd be about average. And of course we can blame it on all kinds of things, but that doesn't really help. When it comes down to it, raising healthy kids is a greater challenge today and not something that can be neglected. I'm really adamant that this is a priority for my family from this early stage because I know how hard it is to reverse the process.

So this has been on my mind a lot lately. It's hard setting a healthy example sometimes. I have a toddler that has discovered junk food. I'm trying to break my husband's habit of coming home and shoving a dozen saltines in his mouth because as soon as Michael see DH in the evenings he demands crackers now too. But I am so lucky to be at home. I take Michael to the Y several times a week. I have time to shop for healthier ingredients and produce. I cook almost every meal from scratch. It may be mostly on my shoulders, but thankfully, it's a weight that I can bear, but it's also such a big responsibility and I still worry. Rightfully so, it's a very important load.

And although I haven't lost much weight yet, I've putting in the time and feeling better for it. I think the exercise schedule has helped my mood and getting some time away from Michael for myself has helped too. This is definitely one of those things where I can help my family most by helping myself. And I'm worth it.


Randiocoy said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I am struggling with PCOS, and no babies yet. One of the hardest problems is weight. I will do everything in my power to instill good healthy habits in my kids when I am finally blessed.

Michelle said...

I feel this way too. I have seriously fallen off the healthy eating wagon after the study ended. I blame it on winter depression. I'm trying hard to set a better example, but it takes a lot to motivate myself.
My problem lately is K wants to eat like a grown man. He can eat and eat and eat. I'm trying to set an example about portions, but the kid is skinny. He's about 60lbs, but he is 4'5" and slim clothes fall off of him. So I feel bad if I limit what he eats. I know that a big part of his class is way heavier than him, and it seems to be the new normal.
Btw, K was way off the charts in weight and height till he was about 3. Then his height shot up, and the baby fat disappeared.

Celia said...

I can't get Peter to eat ANYTHING. this morning I offered an all organic breakfast of waffles, artisan maple syrup and strawberries. NOTHING. After three hours I offered him a pudding cup because at least it has protein. I used to make the pudding, but I am too tired right now. Last night was home made cheese steaks for him to try and grilled cheese with home made bread. Yeah. NO. I offer and offer and OFFER. He does not eat worth a damn. We make a healthy, organic, balanced dinner and he eats NOTHING. Literally.

Sometimes he has a cookie for "dinner" because he does not eat dinner and I always offer dessert since he is still too little for Eat it or ELSE. I hate meal time. I HATE IT. There are a ton of fat kids everywhere. I am happy Peter does not seem destined to be one, but it is just as sucky when he WON'T eat.I cannot even guess how much money we waste on organic, healthy food every week. Maybe 50 dollars a week? My husband and I refuse to give up. But it is very difficult, especially since I am so determined to instill healthy habits into him.

Yesterday he was offered a banana, organic cereal, and yogurt. NOTHING. Nothing for hours. I finally got him to eat a 60 calorie daninino at noon since he won't eat yobaby. But that was all he ate till maybe 3 in the afternoon. It's like that every day. The only foods he will eat reliably are hotdogs( I get the nitrate free ones)and Late July chocolate cookies, and yogurt melts. That is it. EVERYTHING else is a crapshoot. It makes me crazy.

Jessica White said...

You are definitely worth it! I agree, it's a HUGE responsibility to decide what food is put in front of your children. I'm paranoid I'm going to screw them up like me for life.