Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some things of note lately

A bunch of stuff that isn't worthy of it's own post but worth mentioning.

- I screwed up my knee pretty badly the other week. I tried to keep up an exercise routine by walking. As I gritted my teeth and pushed myself (just a little) I felt a new appreciation for the elderly. My knee is mostly better now, but it sure would be awful to have that kind of pain and know it's not going to get better. I think my knee was revenge from being impatient to get around an old lady pushing a walker the week before.

- I think I hurt my knee sanding this lovely shelf that DH's aunt and uncle made for us. It's made to perfectly fit under the window in our from room. I've been wanting something there forever, so I'm thrilled to have it! I did the finishing on it. I experimented with Wipe-On Poly (Minwax) and I love it. It goes on quick and looks great. Ambrosia slid right off the top the first time she jumped on it.

- Bliss and Ambrosia went for their annual vet visit several weeks ago. Then last week I found a big lump on Bliss' shoulder where she got her injections. I was just sick with worry because some of those vaccinations can cause cancer at the injection site. I took her back in and the vet thought it was just a granuloma and gave her a steroid shot to help. That shot perked her right up and the lump shrank pretty quickly. Everything would be great but I think she picked up a cold at the vet's and she all sniffly now. Poor kitty, can't get a break. I've been spoiling her all week.

- Michael went with me to take Bliss to the vet's when she got her lump looked at. They had to take her temperature. The poor thing hated it (of course) but Michael was so sweet and reached up and petted her head while she was 'crying' and we (me, the tech, and the vet) held her down. It was so sweet. I think this might be the first real sign of empathy I've seen out of that child. (He's normally not nearly so sweet to Blissy).

- Michael is constantly surprising lately. We were at the in-laws over the weekend and he declared, "I like this house." Then after being home again for about a day he again declared that he liked this (our) house and then called it a "Brand-new house" (our house is brand-new compared to the ILs). I don't really have a clue where any of that came from. He's been picking up stuff from everywhere lately.

- We were at the at the ILs for a double baptism of my niece and husband cousin's kid. The father was God-parent kid and the Mother of the the other was the God-mother of the first kid (basically reciprocal God-parents). The way it worked out, it was kinda cute looking... almost like a double, gay wedding in a Catholic church :)

- I ran interference for my husband's cousin while she nursed her newborn. Everyone was over in the chapel waiting for her to show up and they kept sending people back to look for her. So I just kept barking at them that she'd be there when she was done. I never blogged about it, but Michael's baptism was an awful mess. He screamed the whole time because I didn't get the time to change him and feed him. I hate that I have regrets about that day and I couldn't see someone else have to have the same experience when it could be avoided.

- After the baptism service another one of DH's cousin's asked us if Michael could be a ring-bearer at her wedding this summer. We told her we didn't think he'd do it, but if that's what she wanted we could try. He's going to share the responsibility with his cousin. The boys are adorable together and it will at least be cute. DH and His brother (the cousin's dad) were about the same age when they were ring bearer's at her mother's wedding almost 30 years ago.

- And it looks like I get to make the ring-bearer outfits. I'm not sure how that will go, but I'm kinda looking forward to it. I doubt I will be so enthusiastic once I start.

Sorry that was so long. Trust me, I edited it down.


Sophie said...

Hope your knee gets better. I can't imagine having an injured knee with a toddler! Glad your kitty is ok, though.

The shelf looks great! Sanding is one of my least favorite things to do :/.

I'm excited to see the ring bearer outfits. Michael will look so cute in it, I'm sure!

Jessica White said...

I love your rationale for why your knee hurts :-P Hope it's better soon.

My SIL was going to have all of her nieces/nephews in her bridal party, but then decide 4 15 month olds running around wasn't a good idea lol