Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some days I hate men

I try to stay out of political commentary on here, but I'm so sick of this birth control bs. Honestly, I probably shouldn't be saying anything about this because I'm not well enough researched on the subject, but there are some things that are commonsense enough that anyone should know it's wrong.

I wasn't paying attention to any of this until there was a letter in our church bulletin from our bishop about dropping all their insurance coverage rather than cover co-pays for birth-control. Really? Cutting off the nose to spite the face? I had a very visceral reaction to that declaration.

I'm a former protestant turned atheist turned agnostic turned Catholic and although I still struggle reconciling some of my beliefs, I feel I made the right choice for myself... but some days are still a struggle. I started taking birth control pills when I was 15. And although some might classify me as a slut for taking them, I didn't have sex until the night of my wedding. It kills me that this whole issue is being so taken out of context (and the context being WOMEN'S HEALTH). It was important for my physical (and mental) health to have birth control pills to manage the symptoms of PCOS. I always felt so lucky that we had such good prescription coverage growing up. A package of brand name BCPs only cost my family $14 a month and we could afford that, thankfully. It pains me that so many are left to suffer because they cannot afford the medication... or even the drs. visit to diagnose medical problems. This is the point of the women's health initiative, provide access to these things to allow women to manage their health.

This isn't about having sex or states rights or abortion, it's about giving women access to vital health services. A right we deserve as humans.

I hate to get all feminazi (what a disgusting word) up in here, but the time has come that politicians need to take note if they haven't already. Women are important and you can't use and mistreat us like we're too dumb to notice. And it ain't cool with most of your buddies to preach misogyny anymore either because those men are our fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons and they are tired of seeing the women they love being mistreated too.

So I just want to give a big FUCK YOU to the politicians politizing this issue for their own gain. FUCK YOU to the leaders of the organizations that would rather deny coverage to everyone rather than cover a copay for a few (but if this were dick medication no one would think twice). And a big, warm FUCK YOU to Rush Limbaugh. I am Sandra Fluke, and so is every other woman that has ever tried to manage PCOS by taking a contraceptive pill (or for any reason really). There might be other ways to manage this problem, but let me have the choice to manage how me and my dr see fit and don't call me a SLUT for it.


Sophie said...

I feel similar in many ways. Personally, I think it should be free...but I digress. Any way, that comment was a very sad and uneducated one.

Rachel said...

And moreover, if you didn't have severe PCOs you would absolutely be using some form of birth control, as do 99% of American women. The number of "natural fertility" families is miniscule (and truly non-existent in my neighborhood of the most expensive city in the U.S.). So it is quite simply absurd that this basic medical expense that every married woman I know (almost) relies on should not be covered be insurance because a few unmarried men who are not having sex object.

Amanda said...

Rachel, I figured I'd better stop there because I was dangerously close to tirading on for a few pages worth, but yes, I completely agree with you.

Jessica White said...

I really have a hard time with men dealing/deciding female stuff. They're not women, they don't know anything about being a woman, I don't care how many things they've read.

birds and squirrels said...

I completely agree! I am so frustrated and disgusted by the bullshit that is going on regarding coverage of contraceptives, precisely because of what you said - many women use them for HEALTH REASONS other than contraception. Regulating periods because of PCOS or endometriosis, that is something that NOBODY seems to be discussing.

This is one reason that I am so disillusioned with organized religion. Religious officials are so out of touch with the reality of life and science and medicine today. I should probably stop there, because I could go on and on. It also makes me sad that us women aren't all standing up together and telling the men deciding these things what we really think.