Thursday, April 12, 2012

Without any fanfare

Well, it's been awhile. We have been doing pretty well lately around here and I just haven't really had the inclination to post. And we all need a break now and then, and besides, I don't really have much to say lately anyhow.

Anyhow, I finally downloaded the camera and here are some pictures from the last month.

Michael being cute with Ambrosia. Sometimes I think about having another child and worry that we might have used up all the cute on Michael. Is that possible? Ambrosia is trying her hardest and still can't top that cute. 

The great slime disaster of 2012. One minute he's having a great time playing with his slime (recipe here), the next he's screaming as I wash it out of his hair. Parenting and physics... For every fun time, there is an equal and opposite NOT fun time.

Who's there? 

It's Michael! We have been spending a lot of time at the local YMCA. He's gets up to 2 hours a day of childcare while I exercise and I've been taking advantage of it. I also ate 6 left over Reese's peanut butter eggs today. I don't think 2 hours will undo that.

He did so well hunting for eggs at my parent's Easter gathering.

But he was so over it by the time we went to the in-laws for Easter. You know you're a competitive parent when you are dying to pick up eggs for you kid and throw them in the basket and even dragging the kid away from what he really wants to be doing because you pass by an egg. 

Easter at the in-laws also means sheep. It's kind of idyllic to see the sheep in the field at Easter, except I think that sheep are actually kinda creepy. 

Michael was totally glued to the sheep shearing. He seemed to be fine with it and we explained that the sheep just needed haircuts, but something worries me that he might be describing nightmares about this to a shrink when he's 13. 

Babies. Sheep are creepy, but baby lambs are still cute. 
(And in case you are wondering, the lambs are spray painted with numbers so that my FIL can match the lambs to the ewes. He even has a color coding system and everything. Separating mothers and babies would be sad, so I'm glad he does it, even if looks funny)

Oh, and the poor orphan lambs. So sad on Easter. I bottle-fed the little one.

I made Michael a little Easter suit. I think it turned out pretty cute. 

I wish I had a better picture of him in it. His shirt hanging out isn't too cute

DH's cousin is getting married this summer and wanted Michael to be one of the ring bearers and me to make the outfit, so this Easter suit is kind of a dry run. We aren't sure that he is really old enough to be a ring bearer, but at least he'll be cute. 

Just a shot of the lining of the jacket and the vest. I really love this print. It was so perfect for Easter.

Ambrosia posing with the chick I made Michael for his Easter basket (pattern here). I also made some really cute felt, plastic-egg alternatives that were really cute but I forget to take a pick and left them at the in-laws house, but I got the idea from here and they were a lot of fun to make. I also made myself a couple of shirts and I have plans to make more soon. And now that I think about it, there are several things I've made lately that I haven't taken pictures of. Alright, more on my to-do list. 

Hopefully I be back with more soon. Part of the reason I haven't posted is because there is a post I need to write but don't want to write. So maybe I'll stop procrastinating and actually do that sometime soon.