Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good vibrations

My apologies to those who want to see my toddler art area post I promised. It's coming soon, but too much has been going on lately and I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

And as far as what has been going on, my husband's cousin got married over the weekend. Somehow, this took a ridiculous amount of my time. And it wasn't even my own wedding nor was I really very involved with it. Really, the amount of time I spent preparing for it makes no sense. We've also had a couple of parties to go to over the last couple of weeks. And my husband was out of town for work training for 2 weeks and my MIL visited for one of those weeks. I just get amazed at how busy my schedule seems sometimes... God forbid I ever actually get that busy, cause then I just really wouldn't know what to do.

We had quite a fun weekend out for DH's cousin's wedding. I took Michael to the zoo Thursday. It was over 100 degrees that day, which caused many people to think I was crazy to go to the zoo, but the plus side of it was that the zoo was practically empty. It was like having your own personal zoo. I've been to the zoo when it was so busy you couldn't see the animals and I hate that, so it was great getting to go at our own pace and see the animals all we wanted. 

I was way more excited to see the lion than Michael was.

Ok, I'll totally admit to being a crazy cat lady, but I had never been this close to a lion before, so it was very cool to me

Michael just wanted to climb around.

The meerkats were so excited to see us and wanted so much attention. I said something about it to a girl that was in the area and she was shocked because she said that she came every week and had never seen them get excited like that. So, yeah, I feel special. I'm a Krazy Meerkat Lady too.

Cheetah. Get a good look Michael, while you still can. 

They had a really cool elephant enclosure that was long and skinny and the elephants were really close to us. They were flinging mud around and I even got some on me. Oh, and there was no one there but us and some zookeepers the whole time. I seriously wish I lived near a zoo.  

The quintessential seal show. 

But one really nice thing about this zoo was there there were lots of things  to ride (a carousel, train, tram, boat, and 'African sky safari gondolas') and I got a ride pass and we made use of it. Which was especially nice since it was so hot. 

Michael liked the carousel a lot. He only rode it 4 times, but he would have rode it all day if I would have let him. 

He also got to have an Icee for the first time (two actually... what can I say, it was like 103, need to keep cool). 

After the zoo, Michael and I went and checked into our hotel. DH had to work, so his parent's picked him up and dropped him off after Michael had gone to bed. After Michael woke up the next morning he was sitting up in bed and pointed to the man in my bed and said, "Mommy, I don't know who that is." I laughed and told him it was Daddy. Then he was immediately excited, but it totally cracks me up that he thinks I was in bed with a random stranger.

We went to the Legoland "Discovery Center"* (ie, smaller version of Legoland) that was at the hotel. Michael loved it. He's actually not that into Legos yet, but they had a lot of fun things for his age to do. 

He got to see his first 3D "movie". DH and I cracked up watching him bat at the air when things were coming at him. 

He rode this cool little indoor ride. He was just big enough for it and I was worried that he would freakout on it, but he loved it! Seeing him do that made me really proud. 

I have an awesomely fearless kid. 

And then there was the wedding. I'm very proud to report that he and his cousin walked down the aisle! We weren't sure if they would since they are only two year olds, but they did it! I don't have any pics of them waking down the aisle since I sent them off and they closed the doors after them for the bride so I'm awaiting the photographer's pics.

Michael carried the groom's first ball glove (the wedding had a baseball theme) and his cousin carried a pennant with the couple's name on it. 

And Michael had a great time staying up late and dancing at the reception. 

So this has mostly been a long picture post about our last little trip, but other cool things have been happening too. I made myself a nice dress for the wedding that I was pleased with. I also made a big old tote bag because Michael started swimming lessons this week and I'm hoping that he will get more comfortable in the water from them. And the thing that has thrilled me the most lately is that Michael is starting to understand 1-to-1 correspondence when counting (ie, numbers are starting to have real meaning, not just words that he repeats in order to us). Somewhere in there Michael started telling me "You are the best Mommy I've ever seen," which I think he picked up from my MIL... but it doesn't matter where he picked it up, it feels nice to hear him say something like that. He's just getting to be such a good little communicator lately. He's no baby or toddler anymore, he's a little person now and I love it. 

I fell off the exercise bandwagon while my husband was out of town and I'm back on again and feeling really good about that. I've been doing some moves to strengthen my ass glutes lately and it just makes every step I take feel awesome. 

I'm just in a really good place right now and after struggling with anxiety and depression for so long, I'm really excited to be here. I'm just looking forward to doing more cool things with Michael and my husband and enjoying the days in between. I think I'm at a really healthy place when it come to family planning too. I feel like I'm past feelings of jealously towards others that are pregnant and 'baby fever' and onto doing what is right for us. That is the first time I think I've ever really felt this way, and it is great!

I'm hoping the rest of you are keeping cool and catching some good vibrations too. 

*A quick note to all the Lego affectionados out there... I wouldn't really recommend the Lego Discovery Centers if you have a chance to go to one (unless it's to take some kids). There isn't really anything for adults. You pretty much need to be between 3 and 4.5 feet tall to get much out of it, cause tickets are pretty expensive and it takes a long time to get in, even if you buy tickets online and come early. I hope the real Legoland parks are more fun. 


Michelle said...

I just laughed so hard about the "who's that" comment about your husband in bed. Too funny.

I love when they can start interacting and talking about stuff. I find it so much easier when they get to that point.

I wanted to write more but it's been crazy here and I'm falling asleep at the computer.

Jessica White said...

You guys certainly have been busy! Boy-o-boy!

It's wonderful to here their affirmations of our parenting...Miss A has started telling me I'm a genius.

We have a zoo about an hour from us...a really small one. We're debating taking just A for a mommy-daddy fun day.