Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hunger Games Disappointment

Just for fun...

I read the Hunger Games books a while back and LOVED THEM. Then I heard that Jennifer Lawrence was going to be cast as Katniss, and I LOVED HER in Winter's Bone*. I really wanted to see the movie, but we just didn't have the time when it was in theaters, so we waited for it to come to video. I heard so many good reviews, I was really looking forward to it.

We watched it Saturday night. What a huge let down. I know it's always worse when you read the book first, but there was a lot not to love about that movie. DH and I discussed a lot of the short comings of the film... terrible casting choices, bad acting, but maybe most offensive was that they didn't really illustrate the literal hunger/starvation of the districts. Seriously, everyone was meaty. WTF. It's called the hunger games folks. Could no one go on a diet before shooting? 

Anyhow, this trailer is hilarious. If you found yourself a bit disappointed with the movie, then this is for you.

* I grew up in the rural Ozarks. Yes, the movie depicted it pretty accurately, except they actually filmed it in a nicer part of the Ozarks, whereas most of the Ozarks are much more rocky, rugged terrain and won't grow much more than some ugly post oaks. It's beautiful down here, but it ain't much for making a living. I'd highly recommend skipping The Hunger Games and watching Winter's Bone instead.


Celia said...

Do you know they filmed it in the town my parents live in now? My Dad and stepmom live in Marshall waaaaaay up high. WAY UP. I almost peed myself on the drive to their house.

Sophie said...

I felt the same way. Plus, I feel like they didn't develop the plot enough and I didn't feel nearly as attached to the characters, or the way I felt while reading the book. :/

Jess @ Life in the White House said...

I haven't read the books yet, because I want to watch the movie first. Still haven't seen it though.