Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hot off the sewing machine

I'm not a perfect person, sometimes I like to brag a little. My sewing machine and I are on good terms these days and I've been busy and just wanted to share a little.

Last week was the baptism for a cousin's baby. I made him a little hat and blanket.

The hat might have ended up a little small.

Here is a link to the basic instructions for the blanket. I opted to just use a piece of (wonderfully thick) flannel I bought at Joann's and I ironed fusible fleece on the back of that because the rose swirl minky was very see-through. I also embroidered his name on the blanket. I'm not good at embroidery  In fact, just in case you think I'm lying, take a look at the back of this mess.

Not pretty. 

I covered it with a little piece of interfacing so it wouldn't show through and sewed the backing on. 

My niece's first birthday party is today. I was just going to buy her a toy, then I found this cute bunny flannel on sale and that reignited my desire to sew this bunny jacket I had seen a couple of years ago in a store. The jacket was a super cute little hooded cardigan made from rose swirl minky (like the back of the blanket above) and pink satin lining and a bow-tie closure.

Yeah, I took a picture of it. I always snap a quick picture of store bought clothes I love and want to make some day to keep around for inspiration. Oh, and this little jacket was $50 as I recall.

My plan was to make it for her at Easter, but as a lamb instead of a bunny, but I just fell in love with the flannel (I have a boy, I never get to buy fabric this cute for him so I'm up for any excuse to indulge).


Not bad. 

I made the jacket with some cream ultra-cuddle fabric. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but even though the ultra cuddle fabric feels so soft and wonderful, it is the devil, do not attempt working with this fabric if you are a novice. I made the ties with pink satin. The sleeves are also lined with the satin. I used a raglan pattern in 18 month size. She's a long baby like Michael, so I cut it long. My only fear is that the sleeves aren't wide enough.

Then I couldn't stop... I had long coveted this shiny, stretch denim at Joann's and just had to make her a pair of pants too. I used this awesome, free pattern Jess put out. They turned out adorable and I'm very happy with them.



Oh, and in case you think metallic, stretch pants are too much for a one-year-old, I did float this idea by her mom last weekend and she was ecstatic about it. So it should be well received.

And then I made her a little baby purse out of the denim scrap with pink, satin lining. I sewed a couple of ribbons with snaps on them so her mom and dad can tether some teethers or toys to the purse for fun.

I kinda, almost, wanted to keep the purse for myself. I'm still thinking about making myself one. You know, this would be a great holiday purse (minus the teething rings).

I'm not sure how durable those tethers will be, but the parents can just cut them off when they start to go and just keep using it as a play purse.

I used Rae's Buttercup Bag pattern. This pattern makes a very small purse. It's excellent size for a toddler, although it might be a little large for her yet. Oh well, she'll grow into it.

Michael is modeling the purse.

The set. 

I've also been working on Michael's Halloween costume. It's 97% done. I will have to force myself to finish the last little bit. Then I need to sew the gift for my nephew's birthday for next weekend (if his mother ever gets back to me with his measurements, grumble, grumble). Then it's on to Christmas sewing. I'm really excited about what I'm doing for all the toddler/pre-K boys in the family. I still have to figure out what I'm doing for my niece.


Jessica said...

ooooh I love the metallic stretch pants. What age could you get away with it unless you were a little cute girl! Glad the pattern worked out and I'm sure these will turn lots of heads!

Unknown said...

So cute! I love free sewing patterns, keep sharing them. I still have issues with sewing, but love to practice with free patterns :).

Michelle said...

I love seeing the project pictures. I'm jealous of your sewing skills. I can do simple stuff, but never successful with projects.
LOVE the bunny coat!!!

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, I am in total awe of those metallic pants. As a mother of a toddler boy, under what conditions do you think I could let my dumpling wear something similar (Halloween sadly being past, he went as a 70s superhero)? You should definitely post more sewing updates.