Monday, October 1, 2012

Remember these?

I started making these Dinosaur Tails last year for my church's Fall Festival (with permission from Jess). But my machine lost it's timing at the last minute and I gave up all hope of finishing them for the festival last year. I got my machine fixed shortly afterwards and I did finish them, except stuffing (cause it's much easier to store 16 flat tails than 16 stuffed ones).

So next weekend is the Fall Festival again and I brought them upstairs and stuffed and closed them all up. Done. YAY!

I've gone from 16 to 13 somehow... I do remember finishing 2 of them last year and giving them away last year... not sure where the other one went.

And now a question... How much do you all think I should sell them for? Last year I was thinking $7 apiece, but I'm wondering if I should ask $10. This is 100% for charity, so it doesn't make a difference to my bottom line but I want all of them to sell. There will be lots of families and grandparents there, so there is a good chance they will all go. They typically serve 1,000+ meals at the dinner, so I feel $10 is probably reasonable, but I've never sold anything, so I feel really selfconscious asking money for something so cheap and easy to make. If anyone has an opinion, feel free to leave a comment.


I've been busy sewing for fall lately too. I have been making projects out of Sewing for Boys over the last year. I have previously reported that I'm less than impressed with some of the projects, but I am totally in love with the Treasure Pocket Pants. They are so cute. It's about the only chance I have to use fun fabric with boys clothes. And the main sections of the pants are smaller than regular pants, so it's easy to make them from old upcycled pants... like the stack of my husband's pants that he has ripped the crotch out of.

 Here are the 3 pairs I have made so far. I could make another dozen of these. Perfect for the toddler/preschool set.

Case pants made from the left over fabric we used in his nursery.

International Harvester pants... my husband isn't super wild about IH but it was about the only commercially available tractor fabric I could find that wasn't John Deere for awhile. This pair is a larger size and shortened. The fit is very poor, so I'm sticking the 2/3T size and just lengthening them. 

Construction equipment made with stretch denim. My favorite pair, by far.


We have been going and doing a lot lately. Some photos for fun. 

Fair time again. Fairs in mid September are the best.

Michael and Bandit, the sheep dog. My in-laws say he's a Great Pyrenees but I'm not so sure.

Michael with a sheep.

Apple picking at my husband's aunt's house. My husband told me these are good pie apples, but they are FLAVORLESS and we have 2 big crates of them. I'm experimenting with them and a bunch of lemon juice later today.


Jess @ said...

I'd say $10 is a fair price. Those pants are cute!

Michelle said...

I think the $10 is fair. At least for around this area, people wouldn't think twice. They look really cute!
I love the pants!!
The dog, definitely looks like it's at least part Pyr, Marley is mixed with one. Do you happen to know if it had double dew claws in the back? That's a standard trait in them. Marley has them. Kinda freaky cool.

Katie said...

$10 is great. It's usually easier to keep it in multiples of 5. They turned out really well! As did the pants. Good job.