Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Something else I have been avoiding

Warning: The following is a gross admission of my terrible house keeping.

Tomorrow, Michael will turn 3. And several changes come with this, but the biggest one in our home right now is transitioning him from his crib (in toddler bed form) to a real big boy bed. We have to arrange his room  to fit it in and I believe our beloved chair will have to move out to the living room.

I love that chair. Michael and I have spent so much time in that chair together... nursing, sleeping, cuddling, reading, talking. It's been such a fixture in our lives and I will miss spending so much time with him in it, but it's just another part of growing up... and it's not like we're getting rid of it... is only going to the living room.

But now for the darker side of the chair... Michael had terrible food allergies/reflux/whatever and puked on me all of the time. That kid was just a spit-up fountain and many, many of these spew attacks occurred in that chair. And the chair is "leather", and I wiped up as best as I could, but sometimes (more often than I would like to admit,) the spit-up went down the inside of the chair where the armrest meets the seat. And I never cleaned it up.

Take a minute to freak out. Yes, I know, I deserve that. Gross. But I had a very fussy baby and was trying to keep it all together, I didn't exactly have time to flip the chair over and scrub the carpet everyday. I barely had time to brush my teeth, I had to let that one go.

And then I tried to pretend it wasn't there. You know, out of sight, out of mind. I'd move the chair to vacuum   every once in a while and would cringe, but quickly replaced the chair so I could avoid it longer.

Well, the time has come and tonight I scrubbed nearly 3 year-old puke out of my carpet. And it looks like it came out just fine. (And the spit-up went pretty much went straight down to the carpet, there are almost no traces of spit up anywhere inside the actual chair, in case you were wondering.)

So let that be a lesson. When your life is shit and you are doing your best just to breathe, screw the house work. That vomit will come out just fine when you decide to chip it off in a couple of years. That, or, you know, install hard surface flooring before you have kids.

Ok, please don't think too much less of me now that I've admitted that.

Good chair.


Celia said...

I have a clean laundry pile that varies between two and four feet high.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Michael!

We have a gross chair too. The doggy chair that has barf stuck in the side. It was just water, but still doggy barf. So you're not alone. We can be gross together.

Michelle said...
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Sophie said...

I do that even with my clothes...they end up in the washer, sure, but I'll wear them all day with spit up on them, so don't feel bad :).