Saturday, February 23, 2013

What to do when it snows

Make a spring purse.

Pink and Canvas Cross-body

Really, I liked the purse I was carrying around, but I'm in a springy mood and the gray/mustard color combo isn't matching my mood anymore.

I should really take pictures of the stuff I make before I wear it out. I liked the styling and spent a lot of time designing this bag--a little ruching on the sides and a bow near the top, lots of pockets, including a big one in the back to fit our tablet.

I finally found an excuse to buy this odd mustard-ish print that I had been eyeing forever, but now I'm over it. This is too fall/winter.

So I made a new purse the other day while I was trapped in as it snowed. It was a simple purse (pattern and tutorial here). The challenge was more with myself because I decided that I would give up spending money on myself for lent.

Perhaps that shouldn't seem like a big deal, and it isn't really, but it is something I have to be conscience about. I need to buy a snack for Michael while we are out. Do I need one too? No. Need new clothes? No you don't. See a Groupon that's just too good to resist? Resist. Super sale at my favorite store? I'll live without. Out of my shampoo/conditioner/face wash/makeup? Go through your stash, you goo hoarder! That rug would look great in my living room! It also looks great on the shelf at the store.

Obviously, there are still things that I'm spending on myself for... my regular food, gym memberships, medicine, copays, that kind of thing. But the point is that I tend to view things as necessities that aren't and I tend to buy things for myself under the guise of being "for the house". And there are always Sundays, if I truly do need something. I could have gone on a food diet for lent, but I would have failed at that for sure... I actually have a chance to succeed here.

So I made myself a little purse to brighten things up. Perhaps if I hadn't made this lenten pledge, I would have bought a pattern. And different fabric. And the perfect color of pink thread for the top stitching.  And a couple of more buttons so it would look like the example bag. But no. Make due with what you have (and I really do have quite a lot). This bag doesn't meet my normal desire for perfection, but I pretty sure no one knows that and no one is comparing it to that but me.

I would have liked to have more buttons/different buttons. Oh well. And that petal pink top stitching is barely visible.

A lot smaller than my last bag, but still sufficient for running about. Perhaps I can learn to carry less crap around too.

I guess that I'm trying to learn that I can make myself happy, without being perfect.


Sophie said...

Everything I make is always crooked in one way or another, even when I hang something on the wall it usually isn't straight ;). Great little bag with lots of storage. Trying to find the perfect bag can be tough, being able to make it yourself is so much better.

Jess @ said...

I like it!
I sometimes get a bit crazy and make myself a bag, but I got the vera bradly Clare last year and I love it. I just wish I could remake it in another color for spring/summer :-P