Saturday, February 7, 2015

Long overdue update

It has been so long, but that is really a good thing. Still staying at home. Michael is 5 now and has been going to preschool part-time for a couple of years. Kindergarten next year. Me and the husband are fine. Cats are cuddly as ever. Not too much happening in my world.

We took a family trip to Yellowstone National Park in June. This was something I have always wanted to do... I had never been to a national park and with Michael old enough to have some stamina, it seemed liked a good time to do it.

Auto-timer in front of Fairy Falls in YNP

Michael doesn't look so thrilled in the picture but he really did enjoy the trip. He still talks about the buffalo and geysers. But the picture is precious to me because it is really the first picture of our family of four! Yes, I was (just barely) pregnant during our trip. I'm kinda proud to think of gestating the first couple weeks of the pregnancy in mountains of Yellowstone. 

Some setbacks (my broken wrist and the follow-up hardware removal surgery, then later a hack of a physical therapist herniated my back for me... but we won't dwell on that) made us put off TTC#2 for a few years longer than we planned. But when we finally got to it, it was encouraging that I'd had consistent periods since Michael was a year old thanks to my continued use of metformin, so we were optimistic that we could probably get pregnant on our own without returning to the RE. The surprising thing was that it happened the first month! We never thought we'd be that lucky.

It seemed too good to be true for awhile. I got back in touch with my high-risk MFM for my early pregnancy monitoring. I had low progesterone again and had to get back on prometrium for the first trimester. And since this was a planned pregnancy, I was taking baby aspirin and 5,000 mcg daily folic acid to combat my MTHFR

I also had to find someone new to deliver this baby. Dr. McSoothy retired after the hospital that I'd had Michael in closed it's OB unit and I wasn't looking forward to finding a natural-birth friendly provider again. My MFM doesn't do deliveries, so he wasn't an option but I discussed my dilemma with him and he recommended a couple of local midwives. (Just so we are 100% clear, my board-certified, maternal-fetal medicine specialist, gave me the names of local midwives that he likes working with and that he felt were fully capable of delivering babies or knowing when to transfer me if conditions were not safe for home birth.)

I'm not sure if I've ever said it on this blog, but I have definitely said it somewhere that I would not be comfortable with home birth. But since Michael's wonderful birth and the lack of birthing options around here, home birth had definitely gained appeal with me. Even with as wonderful as Michael's birth was, I will never forget how upsetting it was for him to be taken away from me for so long for baths (cause newborns are so dirty?) and for the dr. to check him (couldn't do that in the room?) and the judgey nurse chastising me for sleeping in my hospital bed with him (this one still makes me so angry, how ridiculous). It's true, you never forget how you are made to feel when your babies are born, and my experience was mostly good but there are a few parts I do wish had been different. This increased the appeal of home birth. So I interviewed some midwives. 

I selected my midwife, Susan. She's a grandma and a former labor and delivery nurse. She teaches neo-natal resuscitation in hospitals. She's delivered thousands of babies. She's been practicing from before it was legal to be a midwife in my state. I'm confident in her abilities. Sometimes I'm not so confident that things will go as well for me as with Michael's birth... it just seems impossible to me that I could get so lucky twice, but we will see. If not, I'm a big girl, I've done it before, and even if it isn't as easy, I'm going to do it again. And if I can't for some reason we don't live too far from a hospital.

And the pregnancy has been mostly really good. I was happy with myself and had been exercising well and pretty fit going into pregnancy. I had finally made the move to become a vegan about half a year earlier (I'd been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for ~23 years,  it took that long to say good bye to cheese and ice-cream) and I think it made me feel a lot better. But despite my seemingly good health I was already experiencing swelling in the first trimester which just seemed awful because I was really plagued by swelling with Michael and I certainly wasn't happy about starting that so early. 

Susan was not happy with me being a vegan. She doesn't think they get enough protein. She felt vegans grow poor placentas and have trouble with blood pressure and swelling. But I was eating so healthy! So many greens and whole foods. No trash here. I am fairly hard headed and just wanted to point out all the gleaming wonderful, healthy, superior things about being vegan, but the fact was, if she was right, I was already seeing the negative effects of my "super-healthy" diet. (This isn't to completely disparage vegan pregnancy. There are plenty of vegans that never have these problems but in my specific case, I had to face the facts, it just wasn't cutting it. Maybe there is something about me that predisposes me to this kinda of problem.) And I knew how much worse it could get from my previous pregnancy (although I was only vegetarian then). And aside from the physical discomfort of swelling, I had blood pressure problems at the end of Michael's pregnancy... I was basically declared preeclamptic. My placenta had stopped working properly. Michael had no fluid left. Things were scary. I did not want that again. So I decided to listen to her advice and give a modified version of the Brewer Pregnancy Diet a chance. I had to reintroduce dairy to my diet. I choke down a cup of Greek yogurt for breakfast. I chug 50 grams of whey protein shake daily. I try to make other good protein choices throughout the day too. It's not always tasty but my swelling issues immediately resolved. And if I've been slacking on my protein and start to feel a little puffy, I just get right back on it and it resolves. I don't really like it, but it seems to work. So I'm really grateful to Susan for suggesting that to me because no other medical provider I've had ever said anything to me about it. (Ina May Gaskin mentions it in her Guide to Childbirth book, but I never gave it a second thought when I read it.) 

So that brings us to now. I'm 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I'm pretty close to the end. I'm not swelling and my fluid levels and blood pressure are still good. My MFM is pleased and isn't talking induction like he did with Michael. I get quite a few contractions a day, but I can't feel most of them. I didn't really have any contractions with Michael until right before I had him, so all these contractions kinda make me anxious. In fact, anxious is just the best word to describe me right now. The end of pregnancy is a very exciting thing. It can be very uncomfortable and the prospect of labor is a little scary. The thought of having this long awaited baby is so tempting and often I just want it to be over, but this will likely be our last baby. Two babies are enough for us, so I'm a little sad that this portion of my life is about to be over. But I'm ready for the next. 

So that's where I am. I'll try to not delay too much in posting after I have the baby in case anyone reads this. I hope all is well in blog land. Until next time.


The Wife said...

Congratulations on baby #2. So glad you and yours are doing well. It's crazy to think our babies are going to be in kindergarten this fall.

Anonymous said...

Amanda! I was just thinking about you earlier today and then opened my blog reader and saw this. Congratulations on baby #2! I am so happy for you! I'm glad that your pregnancy has gone well and that you have found a provider that you like. Good luck with your delivery and do please update when baby comes!
I haven't written in forever but I'm pregnant with #3 - very early still, just 9 weeks and not sure that this is going to be viable. Who would have guessed five years ago that we would be where we are now?!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I want to know more about this Brewer Pregnancy Diet. It is mainly focused on high protein? I can't do any nuts because Birdie has a severe peanut and tree nut allergy and has reacted to sunflower seeds as well. I eat lots of cottage cheese and yogurt but it's hard to eat enough vegetarian sources of protein without nuts. I ate lots of peanut butter during my first two pregnancIes but now we can't have any products made or packaged with nuts in our house. What kind of protein shakes do you do? I have not been able to find a truly nut safe protein powder.

Did you stay on metformin during this pregnancy?

Amanda said...

Birds, I stayed on metformin.

I drink whey protein shakes. And occasionally snack on whey protein bars. I usually buy the Pure Protein brand but it seems like packaging makes 90% of the difference between one protein shake and another so I don't have a compelling reason for picking that brand over another. Whatever you can tolerate. There are some vegan protein shakes, but they are so expensive I can't justify the price. I go through ~3 of the big protein cans a month and that ~$20 apiece... it would be several times as much for those vegan shakes.

Anonymous said...

Amanda, how are you doing? Is baby here yet? Give us an update when you can!